• Lucy Jean

Winter/Cold Wedding Considerations

  1. Find Out When It Gets Dark - As the time changes throughout the season, keep twilight time in mind when you're plotting out your timeline, planning your photographs, and any other activities you want to include. It may even affect things like what time you want your guests to arrive to your reception venue, when you schedule photographs, down to extra lighting and candles for your  perfect venue ambiance!

  2. Have a Weatherproof Plan - If any part of your day is outside you will need to make sure you have a plan B in place which can be quickly executed at short notice. Also consider items such as nice white umbrellas for guests so everyone is co-ordinated and some lovely fluffy blankets.

  3. Ask Your Venue About Heating - Talk to your venue about how they heat the space and whether or not you need to do anything additional for the comfort of your guests. Hot cocktails on arrival are always a good idea, especially if you want to tempt your guests back out into the cold for photos.

  4. Find the Right Photographer - It's wise to see examples of a photographer's work either on dull days, at night, or in bad weather, to get a feel for their style year-round.

  5. All About the Style - As with all cold weather dressing, layering is key, so choose some nice shawls, a leather jacket, a cape or a fur coat that will look great in the photos and keep you cosy. Spray any suede or leather shoes to protect them from being stained in wet weather, or for heels, pick up heel protectors so they don't get damaged.