• Lucy Jean

How To Postpone A Wedding

This was never the kind of post I thought I would have to write but sometimes situations arise which are out of our control.

I’m sure you have all been monitoring the news closely, and for some of my lovely couples, the time had already come to do the most difficult, yet socially responsible thing, and postpone their wedding day.

I would urge couples to postpone rather than cancel. In my personal experience over the last few weeks suppliers are being incredibly accommodating under the circumstances. For example, all the suppliers from one wedding due to happen last week agreed to move to a new date, totally free of charge. Although this may not be the case for all suppliers, it really shows how the whole wedding industry is pulling together in a difficult time to ensure couples will finally have the wedding of their dreams.

If your wedding is within the next 8 weeks I would suggest postponing now. The longer you delay postponement the more you risk not being able to postpone, your suppliers being booked and having to pay additional costs.

If you are looking to postpone follow the below steps to make sure you cover all the main bases:

  1. Check your insurance policy carefully. Contact your wedding insurance company to let them know you intend to postpone the date. They should be able to then make you aware of any policies that cover you and also any excess you may need to pay to access those policies.

  2. Create a list of all of your venues and suppliers and contact them to ask if the wedding was to be postponed and rearranged for another date can they confirm if: a) The full amount paid to date would be transferable to a new date? b) They have any other policies or internal processes which would apply in this instance e.g. time restrictions on when the date could be moved to?

  3. Once you have received responses to the above questions from your all your venues and suppliers you now have all the necessary information to move your date.

  4. Firstly, aim to agree a proposed new date with your venue(s).

  5. Secondly, contact the people you absolutely must have at your wedding (family, wedding party, etc) and make sure they can attend your newly proposed date. 

  6. Thirdly, contact all of your other suppliers and see if they have availability for your newly proposed date. If any of these suppliers are unable to accommodate your new date, ask them for a referral to a peer in their industry that they trust, who could perhaps help. You may lose some deposits here, but hopefully, they will be of a small enough amount that you can manage. 

  7. Fourthly, once your suppliers have locked in the new date and your key guests are happy, contact your venue(s) to secure the new date your proposed earlier.

  8. Finally, you will need to contact all of your guests to let them know the wedding has been postponed and that details of the new date will follow. Details of your new date could either be simply circulated via text or email, updating your wedding website (if you have one) or sending out a new invitation with the updated date. Companies such as Papier are offering all existing wedding customers the option to have a digital version of their Save The Date or Wedding Invitation created for free if they want to communicate a change of date, location or just a postponement to their guests via email or the ability to get reprints of their wedding stationery at a 50% discount if the details of their event change due to coronavirus.

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