• Lucy Jean

Tips for Using Pintrest

  1. Get Pinning – Start by pinning absolutely everything you love. At this stage start off by pinning them all to one board, don’t separate out into ‘Cakes’, ‘Stationery’ etc. Further down the line you can then produce separate boards when you’re ready to start more in-depth decision making. See tip 2 for why I suggest this approach

  2. Refine – Once you are done pinning, review your board. Often a key style will begin to emerge. Consider minimising your board towards that style to give you some clarity and a consistent design. If both partners have pinned, now is the time to discuss how you could design a wedding you will both love.

  3. Individual elements – The above stages should have allowed you to discover what look and feel you both want. This should help to reduce the chance of being overwhelmed by Pinterest. From here you’ll find it easier to do more specific searches for each aspect of your wedding. You can produce a board for each aspect if you wish to do so. Each time you start a board, pin everything you like then review/refine to keep your boards really clear.

  4. Suppliers – Do share your boards with suppliers. I’d recommend you always show suppliers you overview board as it allows them to get an understanding of the overall feel you’d like for your wedding. They may then make suggestions of other ways you could achieve it, whereas if you just show, for example, a stationer a picture of the stationery you like, you are more likely to end up with a replication rather than a something more personal.

  5. Refer back – As you go through your wedding planning do refer back to your overview board. It can help to bring you back on track if you start to get lead astray.