• Lucy Jean

Marquee Wedding Checklist

Marquee weddings can be incredibly personal but they do involve a lot of planning and work as you’re building a venue from scratch.

Below I have detailed the key areas to make sure you have checked off your list and ensure your perfect marque wedding:

  1. The Right Site - The site should be a flat, grass area with easy access.

  2. Water supply - Your caterers with require a running water supply. If there is no water supply, you should discuss this with your caterer, so they can make arrangements.

  3. Power supply - Book a generator for your power requirements. Check power requirements from all the relevant suppliers and make sure the generator ordered is large enough.

  4. Weather back-ups – Consider blankets, umbrellas or even ponchos! With large numbers you can’t leave having no cover to chance, particularly with our unpredictable English weather.

  5. Catering tent/kitchen - Your caterers will need a separate area to cook and plate up adjoining the main tent.  

  6. Storage and back of house - You may need space for a sound/lighting desk behind the scenes, and/or perhaps a small area to be used for band changing facilities and suppliers to eat.

  7. Furniture - At a basic level you'll need a bar, fridges, tables (dining, cake, buffet, guest book, gifts, DJ), chairs, table linen and a dance floor.

  8. Tableware and serving equipment - Crockery, glassware, cutlery and serving equipment.

  9. Flowers - You are unlikely to have a totally flat surface, so tall flower arrangements could be liable to topple; think about sturdiness!

  10. Heating - Even if you're having a summer wedding, you'll more than likely need some form of heating for later on.

  11. Lighting - You have a blank canvas which needs character, and coloured up-lighting is so very effective, to add warmth and later on a party atmosphere.

  12. Loos - You will require 10 toilets for every 100 guests.

  13. Pathways and parking - Think about the guests' journeys from their cars to the different areas of the marquee. Look to mark out pathways with lanterns, matting or even battery powered tea lights for a beautiful effect.

  14. Staff - Your caterer will often provide the staff for the event, usually this is billed as a separate item and should be broken down into hours and tasks (waiters, cooks, bar staff, kitchen porters etc).

  15. Parking - Is there an area for parking clearly marked? You don't want your guests just parking anywhere!

  16. Security - As the set up process is likely to commence a few days prior to the wedding, and may potentially be in a remote location, you may want to consider night time security for total piece of mind.

  17. Flooring - With the unpredictable English weather a hard wood floor, as opposed to matting, will allow the water to remain below the floor, giving your guests a solid (and most importantly, dry) place to walk.

Please do get in contact if you would like some assistance with your own marquee wedding.

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