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Throw a Great British Wedding Bake Off!

If you’ve caught the bake off bug like me, and want to incorporate it into your wedding, then why not challenge your guests to bake a cake for your big day? It’s a great way to get your guests involved, will add a fun element to your wedding catering, and means that there’ll be a huge range of desserts to choose from. 

Not to mention, it’s an ideal money-saver for brides on a tight budget. 

However, it can take some time and careful organisation to plan a wedding bake off, here’s how to do it right:

  1. Check your venue/catering company are ok with guests bringing homemade items

  2. Give you guests plenty of warning by letting them know via the invitation

  3. Have a cake drop off point with signage as to what each cake it/who baked it

  4. Give prizes - Best Looking, Best Tasting, Bride’s Favorite, Groom’s Favorite 




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