• Lucy Jean

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

In case you don’t know what a wedding planner does, or why I'm a good investment, I thought I’d share three of the most valuable ways I can help you:

  1. I manage the admin and keep your planning on track - Many couples underestimate how long it takes to plan their wedding. They don’t realise how many emails will go back and forth, or how many decisions they’ll need to make. As a full planner, I spend over 200 hours planning a wedding and much of this time is spent liaising with the venue and suppliers. Taking all this admin off your hands, especially as your wedding approaches, will make a huge difference to your stress levels. When there are decisions you need to make, I will simplify them wherever I can. If there is a deadline approaching, I will make sure you stay on track. Hate feeling as if you’ve forgotten something? I keep notes of all the important details as we go along, so you won’t have to keep trawling through your emails.

  2. I help you make decisions that save you money and ultimately get you what you want - I often get asked if hiring a wedding planner will save them money. To this I say ‘yes’, but not just because I can (occasionally!) negotiate discounts. I’m more likely to save you money by giving you good advice and making suggestions. It is my job to recommend outstanding suppliers who are in-keeping with your style and budget. When it comes to design elements like your flowers, stationery and tableware, I can help you come up with ideas and communicate exactly what you want to your suppliers. It’s all too easy to waste time and money because the brief was wrong or incomplete. It’s also worth remembering that small decisions, like having a string trio rather than a string quartet, or re-using flowers from your ceremony at your reception, all add up. If money is tight, there are lots of clever ways in which I can save you money, without compromising on the overall effect.

  3. Having me there on the day means that you can completely relax and enjoy yourselves - Couples think that because their venue comes with a venue coordinator (or even a wedding planner!) they don’t need a planner like me. In reality, our roles are very different. As your wedding planner, I’m there for you from the beginning of your planning journey, right up to the point you say goodbye to your guests. Think of me as your personal assistant; if there’s anything you’re unsure about, or you’re at a loss for ideas, I can help. And while your venue may have tens or even hundreds of weddings booked, I only take on a small and select number of full planning clients each year. This means I spend a lot of time thinking about your wedding and how I can help make it as wonderful as possible! Imagine how reassuring it would feel to wake up on your wedding day knowing that I’ve memorised the timings, communicated personally with all of your suppliers and that I understand exactly how you and your partner want everything to look and flow. What’s more, while the venue coordinator will be focused on the aspects that the venue is responsible for, I’ll be overseeing the whole event. As I see it, your suppliers are a team of experts; it’s my job to manage and support them so that they can deliver their best for you. If there's a problem, or if something doesn't go to plan, it's my aim to ensure you don't even notice!

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